We're big fans of transparency, so all of our pricing information can be found below, and not just our starting prices. While we wholeheartedly believe photography and videography is an important investment, we also believe that knowing exactly what that investment will look like is important too. 

Photographs and your wedding film will be the tangible memories you're left with of your wedding day - not just evidence of how pretty your invitations were or how breathtaking the location or venue you chose was - but of how you felt. Photographs and films are time capsules, and you deserve to be able to look back on your memories and cherish them for years to come.

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j & c

"Sara possesses a very rare combination of technical adventure skills, professional photography ability and client management that place her in a very small subset of professional photographers. If you happen to catch her with availability, you are very lucky! If she is booked, you wouldn’t be disappointed to delay your plans in order to work with her. I can confidently recommend and attest to Sara’s services and look forward to the opportunity of capturing some more incredible moments with her in the future. Sara took some wonderful photos of our engagement in 2022 which captured the true emotion and essence of my partner and our special moments. What only took a few minutes to shoot, took hours of hiking the day of and planning in the weeks prior. In the weeks leading up to the shoot, Sara was an integral part in assisting me. She not only listened to what I envisioned but also gave feedback and suggestions each step of the way that enhanced my plan. Sara went above and beyond what I was expecting of someone providing these services. Her passion, talent, and creativity really shows in her work and planning leading up to the event. Thank you so much Sara!"

brittany & leighton

"10/10! Sara worked with us for our wedding as well as our anniversary photos. She captures our love and intimacy in our true form - we didn't feel pressured to pose a certain way or act a certain way, we just got to spend our special day loving on each other. I’m so thankful we found Sara and I can’t wait to see all the memories she will get to capture of us in the future. We’re all about authentic memories being captured and with Sara it’s more than just posing, it’s authentic and real. Sara is our forever photographer and we will always recommend her to others! Even if we move away from California, we will pay to have Sara travel to us! 

mike & shay

"Thanks again Sara for a wonderful experience! You and Ryan have such good energy; Mike and I both felt really comfortable, and he even said it felt like he felt like he already knew you (he’s definitely an introvert so that’s a big deal). And we LOVED the video!! We both laughed and cried watching it; it was so beautiful! Also thank you so much for all the wonderful photographs, Mike and I are so excited to put them up in our house! Thank you again for being such a fantastic part of our special day."

kylie & drew

"Sara worked with us for our wedding, engagement photos, and family photos and all of them came out amazing. We recommend working with Sara if you are looking for someone who is talented at what she does, works very hard, and gives her whole heart into photographing and editing your photos. Sara and Ryan are both very professional and easy to work with and we would definitely choose to work with them again."

tiffany & dalton

"Sara is AMAZING. If you’re thinking about hiring her DO IT. Don’t think, just DO IT! We did a session with her in Yosemite, and she made the process super easy from posing us and making my husband and I look great and not feel awkward! All of the photos were gorgeous and amazingly creative shots that also really captured the scenery! I would recommend her to anyone even not from California, 100% she is worth it! She is a master of her craft, and I can’t wait to hire her for some more adventure shoots in the future! 💕"

my & derick

"Omg Sara!!!!!! I knew these were going to be gorgeous but WOW. Our expectations are beyond exceeded. We are SO excited to share thes with our friends and family and to recommend your amazing work to everyone. Get ready to be tagged a bunch of times on Facebook and Instagram! I’m so happy that we’ll have these photos to treasure forever. It was so fun working with you and getting to know you. We’re definitely going to try to find as many reasons as possible to work with you again in the future!"

daniel & romina

"We met Sara because I won a giveaway session with her. We went to a flower field and we loved all of our photos - so we decided to hire her for our wedding and we couldn't be happier with the results! She is so talented and genuine in her pictures. She has a great eye for amazing shots! She delivered our albums quickly even though they were so many pictures. I couldn't recommend her more. She's dedicated, punctual, cares about details and we love all her work! She's very kind and it's hard not to like her!"

crystal & chris

"Thank you so much for the photos Sara! They came out so beautifully! I am beyond happy with them. I know we were a little awkward and stiff at first but you still managed to capture our love and our dog Nicky so well. We truly appreciate you and your work!"

Love Notes

Details & PRICING

Details & pricing

Details & pricing

Choose your own adventure:

The definition of the word "elopement" has changed a lot in the past decade, but I consider an elopement an event that is not taking place at a venue and generally with less than 10-15 or so guests in attendance. If you aren't sure if your special day is an elopement or wedding, please feel free to reach out and ask! 

Not sure if your marriage celebration is an elopement or a wedding? 


frequently asked questions

Are you flexible with pricing?

If you feel a connection with our work, but are on a tighter budget, please reach out anyways! Let us know what budget you're working with, and we'll see if we can work something out. (Spoiler alert: We usually can.)

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky" – Michael Scott

can we add a second photographer to our package?

I am fully comfortable (and usually prefer!) photographing a wedding day alone, so I do not include a second photographer in any of my packages. If there's a reason your wedding may benefit from having one, such as a super amazing angle you want to get during the ceremony that would require another photographer (like a balcony view), or two separate events taking place at the same time (like you and your partner getting ready at different locations), I'm more than happy to have one of my photographer friends tag along! Reach out for rates.

do we get to keep the polaroids you take?

Absolutely!!! But first, I'll take them home with me to scan them professionally, & I'll include the digital scans in your online gallery. Then I'll ship the originals to you to keep forever!

What is your favorite camera?

I LOVE my Canon EOS 1V. This is the very last (and the very best) professional 35mm film camera that Canon ever made. It takes EF Canon lenses, so I get to use the same lenses on this camera that I use on my modern digital Canon cameras. It's bulky and heavy, but built so well & I use it at every wedding I photograph.
A close second is my thrifted Samsung Maxima Zoom point & shoot. This camera was a Goodwill find from 10 years ago, and I bring it to every wedding too. It's a fun film camera that produces beautiful images and lets me snap away without having to worry about focusing or adjusting my settings.