We have a few different options when it comes to your wedding video medium; Super 8mm film, digital, and Hi8 camcorder. Scroll down just a bit to peruse each one.

As storytellers, journalists, documentarians; we capture moments as they are, rather than curating the perfect scene. Instead of being guided purely by aesthetics, we are guided by emotion first, and aesthetics second. Inevitably with this style of documentation, we find that the most beautiful films - and more importantly the ones that are cherished for decades and generations to come - always end up being those that captured the most emotion.

 head due north

This is a format of motion picture film from the 60s. It's unique, has a very distinctive look, and feels so nostalgic. This option doesn't record sound, and each roll of film is about 3 minutes long. This option is great for showcasing intentional snippets of your day. For a full wedding day, we use as many rolls of film as needed, and we deliver the full un-cut footage, as well as an edited highlight film set to music that fits the vibe of your day.

Super 8 Film

Super 8mm Film

The most "traditional" wedding video option. We  put traditional in quotes because it's the most traditional today, but weddings only started being filmed digitally in the last couple decades. This format is filmed in 4k. It's crisp and high quality, more polished and modern. With digital video, you get a social media video (>1.5 minutes) and a highlight film.

Digital Video

Digital Video

This is also a nostalgic format, filmed on a type of camera that many of our own childhood memories were filmed on. Each Hi-8 tape records up 60 minutes of footage and audio, and this is our recommended option for the most documentary approach to your wedding film. It is essentially a 90s style home-movie of your wedding day. We deliver this as the full un-cut footage, as well as a highlight film.

Hi-8 Camcorder 

Hi8 Camcorder

If you want a wedding film that feels more like a home movie and not a Hollywood production,

we'd absolutely love to document your story.